Our planet is facing its fair share of problems, many of which are directly influenced by our food and farming system. Climate change, declining wildlife, rising costs of diet-related ill health; these are all areas that need to be addressed and, while there is no quick fix, reviewing our approach to food and agriculture will be a vital part of the solution. One of the ways we can do this is through choosing organic, but many of us still don’t understand what exactly ‘organic’ really means. The benefits of organic to the environment, health, animal welfare and wildlife are broad,… View Post

Bristol is a beautiful city: full of history, art, architecture and colour. Unfortunately, it seems a large number of its residents are missing out on their beautiful surroundings: their smartphone screens are clearly infinitely more interesting! Almost everyone I pass on the street in Bristol is looking down…instead of looking where they’re going! I picked up on this peculiar behaviour almost as soon as I moved here a year ago. I found myself playing pedestrian ping-pong on my way down the street, dodging from one side of the pavement to the other to avoid the smartphone zombies walking directly towards… View Post

It’s been a year since I said a fond farewell to my grandfather. Gramps. Dead at the age of 91, 5 months and sixteen days – a perfectly adequate age to have reached. He was a great man, my Gramps. Mr Ronald Ernest Drew. Ron to most. Initials R.E.D. There’s a story about those initials, somewhere in the deepest parts of my memory…a car, a registration plate ending RED, bought specifically for those three letters…or was it just a long-harboured hope to one day have that registration plate? I don’t fully recall, but I know somewhere there is a story… View Post

I met my man up a mountain. Well…not entirely true. Technically we met at the bottom of a mountain, then trekked to the top. But that doesn’t sound half as romantic. So we tend to stick with meeting ‘up’ the mountain. It was on an organised group trek to the top of Mount Toubkal in Morocco, and it was the first (and to date, the only) mountain I’ve ever climbed. I’d gone on my own, an impulse decision brought about by a turbulent year in my personal life that led to me ‘rediscovering’ myself and deciding…heck, let’s climb a mountain.… View Post

Twas the night of the New Year, and all through the streets Drunken revellers teetered on unsteady feet. Having filled up on gin at the nearest cheap pub, My friends and I stumbled our way to a club.   Mascara and lip gloss, applied with great care, A mountain of product upholding our hair, Stilettos too high, and dresses too tight, We had romance in mind on this magical night.   The queue for a drink was as long as a mile So I bought two at once, just to make it worthwhile. And with one glass of fizz clutched… View Post