Some words from Gemma…


For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to read and write. There is something magical about capturing thoughts and delivering them on a page – a moment in time caught by the words and phrases selected, a selection you might make entirely differently at another moment on another day.

The magic of words lies in the imagination of the reader. When we read we form an image in our mind: of the character, of the place, of the author. That image is inspired by our own selves, our lives and experiences. And no matter how detailed the writer makes the description we will always imprint our own imagination on the picture we see in our own head: which means we each have a unique experience when we read.

In the same way, no two writers will tell the same story the same way. The choices they make when transferring that story to the page are guided by their own thoughts, beliefs, experiences, interests. We write about what we know, what we’ve seen and what we love: it’s why we we’ll never run out of tales to tell.

My inspiration comes from the world around me. The things I feel like writing about on any given day will largely be influenced by something I’ve seen, read or done. I’m lucky to live in a thriving city that never disappoints when it comes to stimuli, and my instinct in life is always to seek new places and experiences (which inevitably end up providing writing material.)

I’ve built a career around writing, in many industries: from transport and construction to environment and agriculture, via health and education and plenty in between… It keeps my inspiration fresh, my brain topped up with new knowledge, and my creativity poised for the next adventure.

But I also want to write for me. Because the more I learn, the more I become impassioned about. And the more I discover, the more I understand. And putting that passion and knowledge, with a dose of opinion and a few thoughts, on the page is my own little bit of magic.

Gemma is based in Bristol and currently works as Marketing Manager for the Soil Association, where she previously help the post of Press Officer for the charity and for the Innovative Farmers Programme.