The blog journey begins…

Last night I couldn’t sleep.

My mind was overflowing and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t filter through the thoughts, musings, ideas and concerns that were swirling around my headspace.

I know I’m not alone – most of us lay there at night, at least for a little while, waiting to drift off while our brain runs through a hundred things that scream at us for attention. We think about work – what we achieved that day, or what we didn’t, the growing list of tasks that need tackling tomorrow. We think about home – the jobs that need doing, the shopping list we keep meaning to write, the bill we aren’t sure got paid. We think about money, family, friends, the news, hopes, fears, opportunities, the past, the future…

I was thinking about David Attenborough. Not at first, I’d started off thinking about sofa cushions.

But through a lengthy thought train that took me through stops including my broken tumble dryer, typewriters, Woody Harrelson and zebras, eventually I’d stumbled across David Attenborough.

And then I thought that perhaps, as a 30 year old woman, I shouldn’t be going to sleep musing over a nonagenarian television broadcaster – not even one as enchanting as the great Sir David.

Eventually it came to me. I can’t quiet my mind because I don’t have enough outlets for what’s up there. There’s only so much I can offload on my partner and friends in a day – what I need is a new channel for my mind-flood. A tap for my creative juices. A track for my thought-train.

So today I sat down and started this blog. This will be my channel. I’ll share with you the things that are at the forefront of my mind. They won’t all follow a logical path; they’ll swap and change with my daily musings. They won’t all be insightful, or intelligent, or amusing (although I hope some of them are). But they’ll free up some of my headspace…and maybe, once in a while, they’ll put a bit more variety into someone else’s…

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